Review Your Policy

We want to make reviewing your policy as simple as possible. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Whole Market Review

We evaluate the whole market for the best deal so you don’t have to

Annual Review

We provide individualised annual reviews each year to save you from inflated premiums

Zero cost

No cost to you, the employer. We take a commission through the insurer, not you

Why choose Shire Health & Wellbeing Brokers?

As an independent broker, Shire Health & Wellbeing will always act in your best interests, helping you compare and secure cover based on your business needs and budget.

We’ll make impartial recommendations based on your business requirements and use our strong relationships with insurers and negotiating know-how to get you the best premiums. As well as a smooth buying experience, we pride ourselves in offering claims support and ongoing advice on all aspects of employee health benefits.

Get in touch with our team today and find out how much your business can save through a review of your options.

5 reasons to review your policy

Here’s why reviewing your cover through Shire Health & Wellbeing could be the right choice for your business:

  • A different insurer may reduce your premiums
  • Another policy may have cover that’s more appropriate with more perks
  • The price of your premiums is increasing
  • You might get more benefits for the same money
  • You’ve had a poor experience with your insurer

How does the renewal process work?

What if switching my policy is not right for me?

The Health Insurance renewal process can vary, but it usually involves the insurer assessing your renewal terms, considering any changes as well as claims, and then deciding what premium to offer as part of your renewal contract. You will then decide whether to renew or look for a policy from a different provider.

Health Insurance policies and premiums change each year, so it’s important to review your policy. We’ll compare a variety of options for you until we find the best policy to suit your needs. We may also be able to improve your terms and premiums meaning you will always pay the right amount for your chosen cover. If you decide to remain with the current insurer we may be able to negotiate a discount with them directly, alternatively, we can help you switch.

Renewing your Health Insurance is simple with Shire Health & Wellbeing

We will help you with the renewal process. This involves:

  • Speak to our team: We’ll work with you to understand whether your current policy meets your requirements and budget and if any changes are needed
  • Whole of market: We will review your options across all of the most suitable insurance providers to find a solution to save you money and/or increase your benefits
  • Select your policy: Once we’ve found a solution, we take you through the pros and cons and make a written recommendation
  • Time to proceed:
  • When you’re happy, we’ll arrange cover for you and provide ongoing support

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Why Shire Health & Wellbeing?

We are experienced health insurance specialists dedicated to giving you fair and honest advice. Working with the UK’s leading health insurance providers, we’ll give you the information you need to find the right cover.

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