International Health

However global your business, there is value in taking out International Health cover for employees and their families living and working abroad.


of people are willing to relocate for better career opportunities


of individuals would be more likely to apply for a job with benefits on offer


UK citizens require emergency medical treatment abroad per week

How International Health Insurance benefits your business

By helping support your employees back to health and work quickly, International Health Insurance also ensures your business runs smoothly. It helps employees perform at their best and is an attractive benefit to help you attract top talent and keep it.
Did you know? 94% of expats are unprepared for the mental health issues associated with relocating. Offering international health insurance to your people working overseas can help them manage their wellbeing, motivation and positivity.

Who can benefit?

An International Health plan gives your employees quality healthcare cover when they need it the most.

When your staff are living and working outside the UK, having access to private healthcare can offer peace of mind. Working alongside or as an alternative to state-funded care, it includes cover for routine healthcare, prescription medicine, emergency care and severe illness.

What does it cover?

International Health Insurance covers your employees for routine and emergency medical treatment including Dental care, and Cancer treatment. Most international health policies include the following:

  • Treatment as an in-patient, day-patient or out­patient
  • Emergency advice 24/7.
  • Medicine and medical supplies
  • Doctor’s costs
  • Home healthcare
  • Dental care
  • Preventative care
  • Routine pregnancy and childbirth

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