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Start the New Year healthy with Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

December 15, 2020

Start the New Year healthy with Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Organisations have faced the unexpected in 2020, but there has been much to learn along the way – for both the business and its employees.

The global pandemic has placed employee health and wellbeing centre stage. As we move into the New Year, business owners are considering the consequences of team members falling ill, ways to boost team morale, and how to get their business into the best shape for 2021.

Every business is different and will be reflecting on the past year in different ways:

Some will have had employee health and wellbeing insurance already in place, and will be glad they did. 

Others may have had cover in place, but are now looking to find a better deal, cover that’s better suited to their business, or a wider range of benefits.

Many businesses without cover during 2020 have realised the importance of providing healthcare to their employees in critical times. Proving the many benefits of PMI make it more than worthwhile.

Whatever your business’ current situation, one thing is clear: as we move into the New Year, employee health and wellbeing needs to be a key priority for 2021.


New Year: New emphasis on employee health

Now is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game; to get your business priorities in order and place your staff top of the list.

Against the backdrop of 2020, focusing on employee health has never been more important. The value of reduced waiting times, fast access to treatment, and access to mental health support won’t be lost on your staff. It shows that you put your people first and are willing to give them that little bit extra.

Why not start by urging your workers to take a ‘New Year, new you’ approach to their health, starting 2021? You could encourage them with anything from tracking their step count to practicing mindfulness; the options are endless. 

Ultimately, it’s about encouraging your teams to be proactive and mindful about their own health and wellbeing, and giving them the tailored benefits that allow them to do so.

Whether you’ve got cover in place already or are just starting to look at employee healthcare options, we can help you improve your wellness proposition which, in turn, will create a positive and engaged workforce.


Thinking about PMI in 2021?

With reduced NHS support and prolonged waiting times, both of which affects your staff’s wellbeing and impacts your business, the pandemic has underlined the need for fast, efficient access to medical advice and treatment. As a result, your employees will be looking to you to offer better health and wellbeing benefits going forward.

Get your business into better shape and consider the changes needed to diversify your employee benefits package to help you come together as a team and ensure a healthy start to 2021.

At Shire Health & Wellbeing, we can deliver a tailor-made package to suit your business and your staff.

Challenge us to find you a better premium or to show you what a difference PMI and other employee health benefits can make to your business.

Whether you’re considering PMI for the first time or want to review an existing policy, we’ll give you honest advice, research the whole market, compare options, and negotiate with providers to find the best price. We also work hard to continually improve our existing clients’ premiums.

To find out more about PMI for your business or the benefits of switching to Shire Health & Wellbeing, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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