Cash Plan Scheme

Did you know? Employees place more value on a Cash Plan Scheme than on Life and Private Medical Insurance. Cash Plan Schemes can help address the following.


working days per person were lost in 2018 due to sickness or injury


of UK adults can’t afford dental care


of drivers fail to meet eyesight standards for safe driving

What is a Cash Plan Scheme?

A Cash Plan Scheme helps your staff better budget for their healthcare expenses – and makes them feel valued in the process. Prescriptions, dental visits and optician fees can soon add up. This helps your employees claim back money on these everyday healthcare costs up to a fixed limit per year.

At Shire Health & Wellbeing we work with you to provide a tailored scheme that adds value for you and your staff. This contributes towards improved productivity, retention and motivation and can cost from just £1 per employee, per week.

How a Cash Plan Scheme benefits your business

You want your staff to feel valued. A good place to start is helping them with the cost of their day-to-day healthcare. By working with Shire Health & Wellbeing, you and your staff can benefit in many ways:

  • Boosting wellbeing: Staff stay healthier with faster access to care without the need for a GP referral
  • Reducing staff stress: A Cash Plan Scheme includes stress management and counselling support
  • Improved talent retention: These schemes are a great way to attract new talent and retain your most valued staff

Don't confuse a Cash Plan Scheme with Private Medical Insurance...

Cash Plan Scheme

  • Cash Plan Scheme benefits range from Dental, Optical and Prescription costs, right through to Chiropody, depending on the chosen Scheme
  • A GP referral is not usually necessary for the majority of required treatment
  • Cash payments are reimbursed directly to the member to help with everyday healthcare costs such as Optical and Dental
  • Pre-existing conditions are not subject to underwriting, which means they can be covered dependent upon each individual case and the provider
  • Members pay for eligible treatment upfront and claim back some or all of the costs via a bank transfer to their personal account

Private Medical Insurance

  • These types of policies are designed to cover extensive care and covers the cost of eligible private treatment and hospital stays with the assurance of a speedy recovery
  • Pre-authorisation from the insurer may be required before treatment to ensure that the right procedure and consultant has been sought
  • Private Medical Insurance generally includes cover for private hospital-related costs, such as eligible consultations, treatment, hospital stays and outpatient support. Your staff would benefit from specific care, varying from standard operations through to cancer care that is not available on the NHS
  • Health Insurance does not usually cover pre-existing conditions, however we will work with the insurers to provide you with a policy that suits your needs to minimise the impact that this may have on your cover
  • Treatment costs are usually paid directly to the consultant and/or to the hospital by the insurer – meaning less impact on the member and your business

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Shire Health & Wellbeing: Cash Plan Scheme

Employees place more value on health cash plans than on life insurance. These schemes are a simple, low-cost benefit that can add real value.

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